With every smartphone having a built-in video recorder, and with video sites proliferating, the stage has been set for a new generation of moviemakers, who can produce a movie and sell it online, without ever having to set foot into an editing studio! We all love Hollywood, Bollywood or Nollywood movies and of course any movie producer from these movie centres is welcome to start selling their movies on econovix. While we can’t allow third parties to sell such movies, independent movie producers are welcome to start selling their movies on econovix. Also, we want to encourage YOU to start making movies for sale on econovix in your own mothertongue and about issues affecting your own community! Capture cultural practices and explain them, for other to learn from your culture. Make music videos to fit your songs. Nigerian moviemakers have cracked the code of the local soapie, delivered in weekly or monthly episodes. Don’t wait for the ‘professional’ movie makers to give you a change. The chance is there for you to take now. The sky is literally the limit!

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