LEAP-Leadership And Entrepreneurship Programme-Level 1

R497.00 inc. Tax / month

If you are a youth in South Africa aged 19-27 who would like to GET READY for the workplace or START a business, you are welcome to APPLY for an ETI Bursary and REGISTER  for the ACADEMY For A Young Africa’s Leadership And Entrepreneurship Programme (LEAP) – Level 1, by using a VOUCHER CODE to pay for the course.

This is a 1-year online and groupwork learning programme, which helps to prepare you both for the world of work, as well as for starting your own business. Registrations to start the course are open throughout the year. Each module runs over six months, including student holidays.

Kindly note that in total there are two modules in the LEAP Course, Level 1.

Please use this Voucher Code to ‘pay’ for the Course, so that you may complete your registration:


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The  LEAP Course Level 1 includes:

  • Daily Individual Assignments during the Course Term on 4 days per week.
  • One Weekly Study Group Assignment during the Course Term on 1 day per week.
  • Participation in a Study Group with fellow students, either online or in person.
  • A Monthly Assessment Session – either online or in person, depending on whether you are part of a Study Group that meets online or in person.
  • During the Holiday Months, you will not take part in coursework, but you may take part in a BONUS Voluntary Assignment.
  • A FREE App for your mobile phone to easily access all course materials and assignments.
  • FREE Lifetime Access to the ACADEMY For A Young Africa’s intranet.
  • FREE Lifetime Access to the econovix intranet. econovix is a partner of the ACADEMY For A Young Africa.
  • Access to special deals on book packages, mobile phones, tablet, laptops, airtime and data.