Is That A Franchise In Your Pocket – eBook

by Mandala Publishers

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Never before in the history of humankind have so many people been alive at the same time on earth. Never before in the history of humankind has there been so much knowledge, nor the ability to share this among all of us, through technology that is connecting hundreds of millions of people across the globe. How can all this brainpower, all this knowledge and all this technology be used to help humankind overcome the poverty that persists to prevent far too many of us to fulfill our potential? This book focuses on one surprising factor: a FRANCHISE BUSINESS that you can carry in your POCKET!

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We’re living in a new time, which offers enormous economic opportunity to anyone who starts to show an interest in the digital way of doing business.

In her book, “Is That A Franchise In Your Pocket”, author, businesswoman and social entrepreneur Reinhild Niebuhr takes the reader through a journey of discovery that will kick-start your own thinking about all the different kinds of business opportunities that are possible, now that digital technology is available.

Don’t miss out on reading this book, which will help you to look at your own situation, your neighbours, your village, town or city, in fact – the whole world! – with new eyes!

This ‘new world’ you will be seeing is a world full of ABUNDANCE and ENDLESS OPPORTUNITY, where before reading the book you may have only seen lack and unemployment.

If you read only one book this month, make sure it is “Is That A Franchise In Your Pocket?”

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